Switching to Notepad++

Written by Kevin Gimbel on , 🍿 1 min. read

I decided to use this small blog for any personal thing I think needs to be documented. Well, some weeks ago I decided to switch from Adobe Dreamweaver to Notepad++ for all webstuff I create. Some reasons are:

  1. it's faster
  2. the whole software is smaller
  3. the syntax highlighting is better
  4. the general workflow is better
  5. it's not overloaded with tiny "macro-buttons"
  6. i can close the program with a lot of files opened and they'll be automatically reloaded when I restart notepad++
  7. it's free - go try it
  8. I feel much better using this software. I love it.

This post was imported from my old Tumblr blog I used in 2012.

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