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Written by Kevin Gimbel on , 🍿 1 min. read

Recently I decided to redesign and redefine my online appearance and the way I publish content to the internet. I switched from using 2 domains as Blog and Portfolio to one new Domain for both: kevingimbel.com

This page is build with Jekyll a blog-aware static site generator you're going to love. I wrote a Guide to get started - so if you consider doing so give it a look.

Beside switching to a new domain I also switched my hoster. This page is hosted at GitHub and my domain(s) and everything else will be moved to Uberspace.de an amazing hosting service from Germany.

Another point on the list is to write more posts about web related stuff. I think it's interesting to get a deeper look into the technique or idea of some CodePen experiments, new Technologies (such as CSS4's Drag Pseudo Class Draft) and much more.

If you'd like to have a tutorial for any of my CodePens simply tweet me the Link to it.

Hi, I'm Kevin!

I'm a DevOps Engineer with a passion for on automation and monitoring. Before shifting into DevOps and cloud computing I worked as Front-End Developer, which is still a hobby and field of interest for me.

Picture of Kevin Gimbel, in a tiny mirror

I'm very passionated about a variety of games - digital, boardgames, and pen & paper; and also interested in Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, and dystopian books. You can find out more on the about page.