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Today I decided to dig deeper into JavaScript and experiment a bit with scope, query selection and the general manipulation of the DOM. To do so I set up an object to store all my functions - this is not necessary but definitely more fun.

After naming my Object $ (because I new this from jQuery and I thought it would look cool) I renamed it to I and here comes the fun part: While learning JS I build i.js - a tiny JS "Framework" that enables you to write JS nearly the same you'd speak. For example you may thing: "I want to get the Object with the class name test" - to get this, simply write the following:


This will return you the element that has the class test. Not so cool? Well, let's bring Events to the game!

// Spoken: "I want to add an Event that when you click on the 
// element with the ID js-removeClass a FUNCTION triggers"
I.WantTo.addEvent("click", "js-removeClass",function(){

The above script does the following:

  • When js-removeClass is clicked
  • the class lorem will be removed from an element with the class output

You can find a working Demo on CodePen or directly on my site. If you want to contribute more functions I'd be very happy!

Beside of this useless but fun Framework I also wrote a kinda useful function: _match(). _match() takes any value and checks if it's a ID, a class or an Tag Name. When it matches one of these it returns the correct element.

var _match = function(el) {
a = document.querySelector("."+el);
b = document.getElementById(el);
c = document.getElementsByTagName(el);
if(a != null) {
return a;
if(b != null) {
return b;
if(c != undefined) {
return c[0];

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