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Join a Dev Group

Published on 10/13/2013 | 13.10.12013 HE

Earlier this year I joined a Dev Group. It was the best decision I made this year and I want to tell you why. After doing more experiments on CodePen and right after I got to know Tim Pietrusky he opened a Chat called #CodePen. For those who’re not familiar with tlk: it’s an open web chat. You can create a room, everyone can join and all things are open to everyone who knows the URL. Over the time a group of about seven people used this chat on a daily base and as of today I love them all. They’re Tim, Max, Luky, Jan, Felix, Kanu and myself - for sure. We recently moved our Chat to Google+, we do Hangouts very often and talk about Webdesign, Development and Nerd stuff daily.

We build useless but fun stuff together at bullgit, we learn from each other, help each other and discuss best practices. It’s amazing to have a Dev Group and there are some reasons for:

  • You’ve people with the same interests
  • You learn a lot of new stuff
  • You can discuss
  • It’s fun to build and learn together
  • You’ll get better over time

Whenever one of us has a problem others are there to help. For sure the unspoken rule number 1 is to try for yourself first before you give up and ask the others but this works pretty well. I love this group.

Lately Nick joined the bullgit team by simply asking if we accept new members. For sure we do! No matter what skill level you have, no matter if web dev is your hobby or job, no matter who you are: Contact us. If you’re interested in all kinds of funny site projects just drop us a line on tlk - if nobody is online and you log-in with twitter we’ll contact you as soon as we see your message.

Everyone should find and join a Dev Group. The benefits you have from communicating with others who do and love the same things you love are infinite. I learned a lot of things, I improved my workflow and I even got a Job offer (more on that when the time has come) - Dev Groups will make your online life a lot better.



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