How I got employed


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How I got employed

Published on 12/22/2013 | 22.12.12013 HE

About 1 year ago I joined a Chat created by Tim Pietrusky. It was my first time ever I joined a group of other devs and I was more then nervouse about because I - at this time - considered my self more of a Hobby-Dev who’s not that skilled. I just started using CodePen a few months before and did some fun demos and experiments there like drawing images with CSS and stuff. However, through We Love Icon Fonts and Twitter I got to know Tim a bit more and as time passed we - and the others - talked daily in our dev chat. It felt super awesome to be around skilled people and I really enjoyed their company.

As I found out that Tim lives near me I wanted to meet him because the only person I ever knew who did web-stuff was my best friend Max so we drove to Tim’s, had some self-made burgers and worked a bit together. That was about 5 months ago and just on Friday I broke up School to work as a full-time Front-End Developer with Tim at Synoa. I’m really excited about this!

Tim always said I’d be skilled and he’d be sure I could create amazing things and I can be - and am willing to - become an awesome web developer. In fact, Tim trusts more in me then I do. Thanks for this at this point. So, he got me into a Company and wanted to work with me, I accepted and on January 1th 2014 I’ll officially start working there. CodePen played a big role in getting me this Job because it’s an easy way to show off your skills and an even more easy way to build a Portfolio full of snippets. It took me a lot of time to do different things and while my friends where outside drinking on the weekends I was home doing a CSS classic Gameboy, a Vault-Tec Logo, the Aperture Science Logo, a turret from Portal, R2D2 or a single element Link from The Legend Of Zelda - those things are all useless but fun and they helped me a lot in understanding CSS and Sass. I did this to have fun and to have things I could show to others and as I know now it was worth it. I’ve got a Job offer and I’ll work at a company again.

Getting to know Tim, using CodePen that much and joining a dev group have been the best decisions I made this year. I am happy and I’m looking forward to a full-time working year with a lot of awesome client projects.



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