2016, a short review

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2016 has been an odd year in regards to world events and deaths - quite depressing actually. For me personal it has been the exact opposite. Overall, for me 2016 has been an excellent year.


View from the hotel in Fuerteventura.
View from the hotel in Fuerteventura.

January started with what we call a "Braincamp". A Braincamp is a company trip to a remote location where we at Synoa GmbH take time outside the office and come up with ideas and projects to do for the year. For 2016 we traveled to Fuerteventura which had a wonderful warm climate compared to the cold German January. We spent a week tinkering and researching different ideas and in the end an idea stuck out: Bug Industries - a card game for developers which we eventually took to Kickstarter. Unfortunately we did not meet our goal and as of now the project is at rest.

February and March

February and March were both occupied by work for clients and work on Bug Industries as well as dating somebody who became very special to me over the year.

Researching Kickstarter campaigns, researching social media activities, forming the campaign and general design and illustrations of the game - all these things happened in February and March. Together with Herzblut & Bock we brought Bug Industries to live and started the Kickstarter Campaign on March 9th 2016. In the end the project did not cut the goal and we had to cancel it. As mentioned before it's on hold at the moment.


Toilet signs at The Happy Show
Toilet signs at The Happy Show

In April I saw the Rammstein Cover Band "Stammheim" with my best friend. Stammheim did an amazing performance and I'm happy I attended the concert - I'd see them live again by any chance I get. Also in April I went to see "The Happy Show" by Stefan Sagmeister, a Austrian designer who has inspired me for years. I'm entirely in love with the work he and his team is doing. While I don't have any talent for producing designs, I do love art and design. I highly recommend seeing "The Happy Show" when you have the chance as well as buying "Made you look", a collection of works by Stefan Sagmeister.


Mostly filled with work and Front-Trends, an amazing conference in Warsaw and also my first time in Warsaw. I spent my time there with my fellow Gitch Michael. We had lots of fun and walked around the city to take some pictures and grab foods. Warsaw was astonishing and I would come back every time again!

June and July

June and July have been calm, beside the Southside festival which was canceled due to a storm. Me and the friends I was with spent the night in the car while around us the world was going down - I have never experienced such an intense thunderstorm outside my house.

My highlight in these months was probably the Wedding Party of Tim and Fabienne. It was a wonderful evening with lots of good people and even Luky visited from France!

I also finally got my first tattoo. A cyborg Vault-Boy from Fallout, marking the first tattoo on my left arm which I want to dedicate to video games.


Entrance to Sonne Mond Sterne
Entrance to Sonne Mond Sterne

In August my girlfriend and I traveled to Amsterdam for a few days to have a good time and enjoy some of the art galleries in Amsterdam. We went to a Banksy exhibition and spent some time inside Nemo, a science museum for kids which can be quite funny.

As every year Tim and I attended Sonne Mond Sterne, an electronic music festival in Germany. To no surprise it was a blast just like the years before and I'm already looking forward to 2017!


In September we had kind of a Bullgit Meetup at viewSource in Berlin. It was great seeing so many Gitches at the same time and being in Berlin is always great! I also visited EyeEm, one of my favorite Berlin start-ups/companies, and had a little chat about how they grew, how they introduced EyeEm Market and how it is to work with different time zones and large communities. When I first met the EyeEm crew in 2012 they were around 10 or 20 people. It's amazing how they crew both their company and their community over the years. Thanks to EyeEm for having me!


In October I saw God Is An Astronaut and Sounds Like The End Of The World. Both bands have a lot of powered and their music is somewhat "trippy" - guiding you through extremes and letting you "float" while listening. For me personally it's already good on tape but astonishing when experienced live. All together it has been 3 or so hours of pure bliss, probably one of the best live concerts I have ever seen.


I got new glasses and also went to see "20 Years of Placebo" with my girlfriend. The concert has been an enjoyment from start to end. They probably played the best songs of the bast 20 years (which makes sense, right?) and also came back on stage 2 or 3 times after the concert ended. It was my first time seeing Placebo live and I would recommend seeing them if they are somewhere near you.


Cold days and lots of cozy evenings. I started re-watching Star Trek: The Original Series and I am again madly in love. Given the times when it originally aired on TV and how futuristic it is I dare to say Star Trek is the most amazing Sci-Fi show ever. There you have it.

I also had a great 3 days of Christmas with my girlfriend and the rest of my family. Though I am not religious I like to celebrate Christmas. While I liked it for the presents when I was younger I now like it for the come-together with the family and the foods. It's simply a nice end-of-the-year thing.

All the rest

Personal and work-wise 2016 was a success. I had a lot of fun and accomplished some things both private and at work. Sadly, I did not write any blog posts or work on any of my private projects. I had a hard time focusing on development beside work and I felt bad for not doing anything - after some time I ended up in a circle of wanting-to-do-things and feeling depressed for not doing them. For 2017 I want to plan and focus better on private projects, for the most on LinedUp which I would like to "finish".

What I did in my spare time is Go development. On the search for a new programming language I got a bit into Go and wish to Go Deeper (pun intended!) - I enjoy Go and its strict typed nature is entirely new to me. Let's see how this goes for 2017!

If you made it until here, I wish you a happy 2017! 🎆🎉🍾

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