2017, week four

2017, week four

Published on 01/29/2017 | 29.01.12017 HE

It’s the last week of the first month already - weird how fast time seems to tick! This week has been rather stressful and loaded with work which is why I did not write any posts or did any programming in my free time. Looking back at the week there’s not much to say so this will be a quick read with some reading recommendations at the end.


The Go language has released a alpha version of dep - their dependency management tool. Up until now there was no native suport for dependency management in Go. Go provides an import functionality to load packages. The import mechanism is similar to the NodeJS require - with the big difference that it used to store all packages inside the $GOPATH - a directory on the system where all packages from all go code is stored. With the new dep dependency manager dependencies will be stored inside a vendor directory inside the package directory - similar to node_modules.

I started playing around with the alpha release and will write a article about it once I gathered enough information.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

My best friend showed me Crypt of the NecroDancer, a rhythmic, rouge-like, dungeon crawler where you dance your way deep into a dungeon. It’s beautiful. Weird, and beautiful. You have to stay in the rhythm to move around and attack enemies. The more you stay in rhythm the better your score gets. Typical for rouge-like games when you die you need to start over. I only played for an hour or so but look forward to continue it. It’s more casual which is what I need - or want - to play at the moment. I bought it for PlayStation 4 but its also available on PS Vita, Mac, PC, and iOS.

Antilopen Gang

I bought tickets for Antilopen Gang. Antilopen Gang is german Hip Hop - and Punk, at least on their latest album “Anarchie und Alltag”. I am looking forward to the concert!

Things to read

“This browser tweak saved 60% of requests to Facebook” - how Facebook worked with browser vendors to tweak the browser cache, effectively saving 60% of requests to Servers.

“Here’s how underground chemist Tim Scully planned to save the world with LSD” the Story of Tim Scully who produced LSD in the 60s in underground labs. It’s an interesting read into the world of psychedelics and LSD production - which appears to be really hard.

I made a Twitter Moment with some tweets I found interesting. Most tweets are political and represents feedback to Trumps shit show. It’s horrible how much he fucked up in just one week - stay anti, USA! 🏴

That’s it for week four. Next week I will help my girlfriend move to her new flat and hopefully finally get to my tattoo artist so we can arrange a session to finish up my tattoo - which is long overdue.



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