2017, week one

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German blogger, designer, and YouTuber Marcel Wichmann started a weekly-review blog series which I find quite interesting! Reviewing in short what happened in each week of the year is a nice and "easy" way to recap everything that happened - and it also helps writing this years big review post at the end of the year. I am not sure if I'll keep it up for each week but I will try. So, here's week one.

New Year's resolution

I am not sure where this tradition comes from, but in Germany (and most western countries as far as I know), it's a thing to set goals for the new year. It's basically like a To-Do List for the coming year with things one wants to change.

My New Year's resolution are:

  • Read more books - 12 is my minimum
  • Loose weight again
  • Eat more healthy and cook more healthy
  • Write more blog posts
  • Program on a regular basis in my free time
  • Go out more often
  • Stop smoking cigarettes

So far I started reading again before going to bed. I'm reading "The Humans" by Matt Haig now, which my girlfriend recommended. So far I like it a lot and I'll write a review once I am finished - which happens to fulfills another point.

Since I work from home I can cook every day. This week so far I cooked fresh vegetables every day, mostly with rice or noodles. I also cooked vegetable stock from leftovers which I can now use for next weeks cooking. 😊

To start the year I wrote a review of last year. It's probably not too interesting for most people but I like to look back at year-in-review posts and I will now write them every year.

As for smoking - well. I try to switch to electronic cigarettes first and then lower the nicotine. It's not going too well at the moment but I continue to try it.


On saturday I went to the Geschlechterkampf exhibition at the Städel Museum, my favorite museum in Frankfurt by the way. Overall the exhibition was good and I enjoyed the art from various artists. In particular John Collier impressed me and I greatly enjoyed the works exhibited. His painting Clytemnestra looks astonishing in full size. Another artists I did not know before is Jeanne Mammen, an artist from Berlin, Germany. A small room was dedicated to her watercolor paintings.I liked the simplicity in her art; Every image seemed to tell a story.

If you're around Frankfurt make sure to see the exhibition. If you're not, you can see some artworks and read background information in the Städel digital editorial online.


I started playing recore, an XBox One exclusive game in which you awake on Far Eden, an desert-like planet. Accompanied by your robot companion Mack you start exploring this "dead" planet just to realize there are corrupted robots running around. The story seems to resolve around finding out what happened to the robots who should build the planets surface, facilities, and living spaces for the humans.

Star Trek

I started re-watching Star Trek beginning with The Original Series. It's inspiring to see the future these screenwriters have imagined. You might not know but a lot of todays technology such as MP3, Smartphones, and Voice Control were originally inspired by Star Trek. There is a documentary about it, and I think the one I saw some years ago is this one with William Shatner.

Well that's it for this week. 👍

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