2017, week three

2017, week three

Published on 01/22/2017 | 22.01.12017 HE

Another week another short review! The third week of 2017 had a lot of travel because I attended an Elasticsearch training course in Munich to learn more about Elasticsearch hands-on. The two day course was exiting and I enjoyed my time, learning quite a lot about the different features of Elasticsearch and Kibana. Part of the course material is a 500 page PDF file which is a copy of the presentation held during the two days - I am glad I got it because it’s a great reference to look at.


Snow covered bicycle in Munich.

Snow covered bicycle in Munich.

Munich was cold with -7°C to -10°C and there was a lot of snow - for a few days it was nice but I’m happy to be back in the middle of Germany without snow. I stayed at an Airbnb because all hotels around the city were booked due to a big conference in town. If you want to visit Munich check out the above room - it’s great!

During my trip to and from Munich I also had to work at a Starbucks and on the train. Both places are not perfect for working if you’re used to a second monitor and having space around you. Starbucks was also really loud which can get annoying - good thing there’s music! What helped me tremendously was the MacBook battery life. I can get an average of 8-10 hours of battery life which is simply astonishing.

Open source

I also helped track down a bug with Gulp and hugo, and then decided to tweet what I have been doing for the past two month: Following an open source project

Following an open source project is quite interesting. I read a lot of the hugo issue reports and look at the Pull Requests submitted. This helps me see how to handle pull requests and open source and in my opinion the hugo project is a good example.

Star Trek

I finished The Original Series and now started to watch The Next Generation. It’s the first time I watch everything in the correct order and I’m exited!

I also programmed a bit and build a text to 1337speak converter node module and a cli tool which uses the first module. I’m not yet sure why you would need this type of one-way converter but it was an interesting task to build a node module, publish it, and then use it in a script - I’ll try and wrap it up in a post.

I also wrote a blog post about deploying a site with git - which is what I am doing with my website at the moment.

Not On Tour

On Friday I saw Not On Tour live with my girlfriend. Not On Tour is a Punk / Hardcore Punk Band from Tel Aviv and I loved every bit of the concerts. The concert was in a small venue with around 50-100 people and they sounded a bit harder live then I expected - and a lot more powerful. I would recommend seeing them live whenever you get a chance. Here’s a little Instagram video.

Here are some interesting things from this week:

All Fallout Intros, 1997-2015 - seeing all the intros to one of my favorite game series is great.

Yes, science is political - The Verge on why science is political and how science and politics play together. A sad read in the upcome of “Trumps America”.

Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary by Vaidehi Joshi - a post about bits and bytes and how they work. Vaidehi started a series called basecs which aims to explain how computers actually work. I highly recommend reading it!

What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs To Know About Encodings And Character Sets To Work With Text by David Zentgraf - an interesting read about handling encoding and how encoding works.



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