2017, week two

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This week I spent a lot of time with Amazon Web Services, or AWS, and made myself familiar with the backend and the way server / instance management works on AWS. While doing so I also learned that AWS instances are by default not accessible from the internet - they have no open ports and each instance needs a "Security Group" which defines ways to access the instance. They also do not have Shell access by default. When you've never worked with AWS the pure amount of options is overwhelming. I felt like endlessly reading through documentations until I had everything setup correctly. It was quite a task and I'm sure the next time I need to setup an AWS instance it will go smoother. I might cover what I've learned in a blog post once I am "done".

I played a bit of recore and Dragon Age: Inquisition but I am not in the mood to play too much video games at the moment. After spending hundreds of hours in The Elder Scrolls: Online last year I feel it's good to have my controller rest for a while. I did spent time watching Star Trek tho. I am almost finished with The Original Series and in fact it's the first time ever I watched it episode by episode.

"Spock jamming in space"

I'm looking forward to continuing with The Next Generation once I'm finished with The Original Series. You can probably tell I really like Star Trek. 🖖 I am also looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery.

I wrote two articles, "Bash script: ws" and "Writing NodeJS cli tools" which both focus on the command line and command line tools - one time in shell script and one time in NodeJS. I plan to write more articles about both since it's a topic I am interested in. I also fixed an issue I introduced due to bad CSS scoping. Always check your scope!

Next week I will be in Munich, Germany to attend a Elastic course about Elasticsearch and relevant products. I'm exited and I'm looking forward to the 2-day course.

Other things:

That's it for week two. 👋

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