2017, week five

2017, week five

Published on 02/8/2017 | 8.02.12017 HE

Another week passed, another personal review. This week I finally got a appointment with my tattoo artist to finish up my tattoo. I’m only 6 months late to do so because I kept saying “I’ll call next week”, “I’ll do it when I’m back from Amsterdam”, “I’ll do it after Christmas” - and so on. I am really bad with managing time and work-life balance. If you have any tips on how you manage the things you have to do, hit me up on twitter @_kevinatari.

Go 💻

You might know I am learning Go at the moment. I build a new thingy, Colog, which is a log helper that supports a basic configuration and produced colorful terminal logs. It’s still in its early phase and there’s a lot more I want to implement - I just don’t know how because I am not yet fluent in Go. The project is open-sourced on GitHub at kevingimbel/colog.

Moving 📦

I spent my Saturday helping my girlfriend move to her new flat which was exhausting. Nonetheless I enjoyed it somehow, moving is hard work and it’s a good feeling to sit in a filled flat after moving all the stuff around all day. I like it. Don’t ask me to help you move, tho. <3

On Thursday and Friday I spent all my work time with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Elasticsearch. My Elasticsearch cluster is now running and I try to get log files into it with Logstash and Beats. The last problem to solve is that the parsing of log files appears to be really hard. Logstash has a “language” for parsing files called grok which basically is a variable-to-regex system. It’s rather complicated. At the moment I do not understand it and I do not get it to properly parse my log files. I guess that’s a thing for the next week - getting Logstash up and running.

Politics and stuff 🏴

The current situation around the globe troubles me a lot. It’s draining me out and I have to stop consuming news and (twitter) feeds from time to time. The issue with Trump going mental in America and the slow but steady rise of facist parties across Europe is too depressing to constantly follow it. I got a pay rise in January and I decided to support independent journalism and Antifa and left-wing movements with it instead if putting all aside. First on the list are Corrective and Streetcoverage. I need to do more research on who I want to support and how I can support them. I also made a Twitter Moment with some of the tweets I liked this week. Hint: It’s political.

Related to current events I also started playing Skyrim again, this time on the XBox One with Mods. It’s a great escape for me because I love the world and lore of Skyrim and for a few hours I can forget everything that troubles me.

That’s it for week five. See you next week! 🙋



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