2017, week seven

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In week six nothing happened so it was skipped. Quite nice, actually. In the second half of week six and through week seven I prepared a workshop which I gave on Friday at the Coding Night. This Coding Night was a special one: The topic was "CodingNight feat. CodeDoor feat. Refugees" which was a collaboration between CodingNight and CodeDoor. CodeDoor is a project which teaches Refugees coding skills, how to build projects and how to get a Job in the programming field. I jumped at the chance to get a spot and share my knowledge so I prepared a Workshop on how to build your own Website with Jekyll and GitHub. Sadly due to problems with the different operating systems we could not finish the workshop and in the end "only" installed Git at every device. I would like to continue my workshop and finish it over time. Maybe at the next Coding Night which I should join more often!

If you want you can take a look at the Presentation or the Workshop Material I wrote.


I saw sum41 live for the first time ever. When I was younger I liked their music a lot but never had the chance to see them. So this Thursday my girlfriend, a friend, and I went to my favorite concert venue, Schlachthof Wiesbaden. I did not expect too much from the concert and was surprised how good they actually are. They played a variety of old and new songs and I can recommend going to a concert near you if it isn't sold out already.

A bad mobile photograph from the concert.
A bad mobile photograph from the concert.

Surprisingly for a punk concert there was a hell of a light show throughout the concert.

And that's it. See you next week (or not). 👋

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