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2017, week 10, 11, 12, 13

Published on 04/2/2017

Time sure does fly sometimes! I just realized the last “weekly” review post was from the beginning of march, namely week 8 and 9, so one month ago. In the meantime I played a lot of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, worked on a Go thing, and went to a concert.

Breath Of The Wild

Link looking onto Death Mountain

Link looking onto Death Mountain

I am absolutely in love with Breath Of The Wild. It’s such a well made, high-quality game and I can hardly but the Nintendo Switch down. Running around and exploring the open areas, climbing mountains, finding Korok hidden everywhere around - it’s just fun! I enjoy running around with no aim for hours and finding new things.

Korok are hidden everywhere around Hyrule

Korok are hidden everywhere around Hyrule

Beside spending hours climbing up mountains to find all my little Korok friends I also conquered three of the four Divine Beasts. The last one missing is Vah Naboris, a gigantic camel. I think until Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is released I will spent all my time running through Hyrule. I cannot recommend Breath Of The Wild enough - it’s fantastic!

Some time ago I bought the domain - it’s currently empty but I am working on something more or less actively. It’s a HTTP based API for saving and sharing links in a collaborative way. The basic idea is that I’ll write browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and maybe IE from which you can sent links to an API endpoint. Links are then saved inside MongoDB and can be queried or read out over HTTP. This way the LinkClub lists can be output into a variety of systems using techniques like Ajax.

It’s a great way to get into Go / Microservice programming with Go and I already learned quite a lot about using the http package in Go. I enjoy working with Go; It’s challenging and new to me. Coming from languages like JavaScript and PHP I enjoy the strictness and the good compiler - and compiler errors - while developing. I might write down a bit of what I learned along the way as a new Go user and what was challenging coming from JavaScript or PHP.


What looks like a burning person is actually just fog. 😐

What looks like a burning person is actually just fog. 😐

Völkerball is a Rammstein Cover band and I had the pleasure to see them live. They not only have a full stage setup similar to older shows by Rammstein, they also have a lead singer with a voice similar to Till Lindemann which makes the entire experience of seeing them a lot better. The concert was around 2-2.5h of an amazing live performance with costume changes and a “choreography” similar to what Rammstein performs on stage - minus the fire show. For “Mein Teil” they even had the kettle. If you’re into Rammstein and get the chance to see Völkerball live do it! It’s well worth it.

Costume during performance of “Mein Teil”

Costume during performance of “Mein Teil”

Alright, that’s it. See you next month or week or whatever. 👋



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