Mastodon Embed Shortcode for hugo

Mastodon Embed Shortcode for hugo

Published on 09/12/2018 | 12.09.12018 HE

You may know that I made some shortcodes for Hugo, the static site generator I am using to create this website. So far I made a shortcode for and which allow to embed CodePen and “Can I Use” embeds easily with Hugos build-in Shortcode system.

Today I made another one which allows embeds from Mastodon, the decentralized Twitter-like social network. An example embed is shown below.

The Source Code can be found on


The shortcode is fairly simple and requires only one attribute: The link to a single toot, e.g.

{{< mastodon status="" >}}

Additional parameters:

# All parameters
{{< mastodon status="" width="1000" height="500" >}}

Below is a short description for each parameter

statusThe link to the status
widthThe width of the iframe
heightThe height of the iframe




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