Hugo: ignore in list templates

How I ignore files in my list templates

Written by Kevin Gimbel on , 🍿 1 min. read

While creating my new website I also added more sections, namely a blog, photography, and art section. All of these use list templates and render "article"-like content previews. I wanted to add some content to these lists and Hugo has a special file named for that. This file can be used to create index pages for lists.

When I did that I somehow also included the index files in the post listings which was not what I wanted, so I added a if statement to my article-preview.html template that is used to render article previews.

<article class="article article--in-list" aria-labelledby="article-heading-">

`` checks if the file name is not - this will ignore all files from being rendered with the article-preview.html template.

It does the job but feels wrong and hacky, so if you know a better solution, please let me know on GitHub or Mastodon.

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