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I don't track you. That's a promise and a statement, this website works without Tracking.

Inspired by Laura Kalbag, who was inspired by the footer text on Karolina Szczur’s website.


The reason I do not use tracking is an idealistic one. I no longer want to collect data for Google, and I do not want to support trackable users across websites.

Data sharing on the web is absolutely crazy, as this example of USAToday shows - GDPR is saving us Europeans again tho.

I do not wish to be part of this, so this website uses no tracking codes. No ads, no CDN. For Embeds I have copied the JavaScript and inlined it so that it does not do any requests to third-party websites when possible.

What can YOU do?

Firefox + Addons

I recommend Mozilla Firefox as a more privacy-focused browser, with the following extensions:

Privacy Badger blocks tracking tools and uBlock Origin blocks a whole lot of stuff, including ads (see for more information). I'm no longer using the web without these two. Both addons are also available for Firefox on Android.

Remove Analytics from your website

If you do not need it, remove Analytics from your website. If you need it, use a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics such as Matomo (previously known as Piwik).

By not using tracking software - and not relying on hundreds (or tens) of external libraries and tools you can make the web better for everyone.

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