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DIY Iced Tea

Published on 04/29/2020

A few days ago I made my own Iced Tea and I thought I’d share this quick ‘n easy recipe on the blog.

Ingredients for 1 liter

  • Half a lemon
  • A bit of Agave syrup (1-2 table spoon)
  • 300ml fresh brewed black tea (I used a cheap Earl Grey)
  • 700ml water (I used with gas, can also be without!)


  1. Boil water and make black tea, let it sit for longer, we need it to be strong (~10-15min)
  2. Cut lemon and squeeze out juice
  3. Mix lemon and Black Tea, e.g. directly into a bottle
  4. Fill-up with water
  5. Add Agave syrup

A bottle of self made iced tea sitting on my desk.

I left mine in the fridge to let it cool off until the next day. As a bottle I used an old Club Mate Bottle, I usually keep a few of them around for DIY drinks. Hope you enjoy! 🍵🥶



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