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In April one of my favorite Artists, Ira Atari (Facebook), released her new Song "Berlin Berlin". I love the song and the video with all it's glitched visuals! Content wise the song hits close home, as I've had panic attacks, too, and especially the following line is something I can relate to

I may stop by the club but to many people stand in line so I can't drop by - I'm so sorry guys

This is something I've sort-of experienced more than once in the last 10ish years. I did often cancel plans with friends because I was too anxious to go out, often saying I had to work late when in reality I was "just" panicking to meet up with people - even though those people were long time friends. Pretty fucked up (, a fucked up Queen ♫). It's gotten better overall but at times I still get panic attacks or feel extremely anxious when I need to go out or meet lots of people.

Anyway, back to more fun things. For over a decade now I've been listening and dancing to Ira Atari and I was basically going to all her Concerts in my region, together with my friend Isabel. Always in front of the stage, always dancing and always having a good time! It's also Ira Atari of whom I took my favorite photo of all time - this Black & White shot from a Concert.

Seeing that Ira released a new song after 4-ish years made me board the Hypetrain like never before! And the hype was justified, because this new song is more "to the roots" and back to her older style, more rough and danceable.

I can't wait to hear it live and I hope I'll soon be able to.

Big up, Ira, see you soon! ❤️

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