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Fall Guys

Published on 08/10/2020 , last updated 10/4/2020

Fall Guys is fun! It’s stupid and fun, and I love it. It’s like someone turned Takeshi’s Castle into a video game. You run around parkours with 60 other people, all controlling one of the little blobby-folks seen in the screenshots. There’s costumes and multiple rounds, some rounds are team-based like playing soccer with a huge ball, other rounds are all-vs-all.

In general, I enjoyed playing. I played for about an hour last night, and while I had fun I don’t really see me playing a lot more since I only have a limited amount of time to play video games and I’d rather play Elder Scrolls: Online or Valorant with friends than Fall Guys, but I guess if you just want to play something without thinking too much Fall Guys is your game.

You can get Fall Guys on PS4 and Steam. I played on PS4 and got the game free with my PlayStation Plus subscription.


I previously rated Fall Guys with 3 stars, but I actually played a lot of it with my wife and kids and we’re really into it now. Playing Fall Guys with my wife is a lot of fun and we’re celebrating every win and laughing about every lost round together. Good times, 7/5.




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