The Infernal City

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I finally came around to read The Infernal City by Greg Keys. As a huge fan of Elder Scrolls I've wanted to read this book in a long time and in fact had it in my bookshelf for the past 3-4ish years, but I just never took the time to read it.

I absolutely absorbed this book and loved it front to back! It fits quite well into the lore and doesn't feel "off" or wrong. The story follows the Breton alchemist Annaïg and her Argonian friend Mere-Glim who try to stop the floating City "Umbriel" that wreak havoc along its path through Tamriel.

It also follows other peoples storylines so the reader can always get a "bigger" picture from different points of view.

I really enjoyed it and hope future games will pick up the lore introduced by The Infernal City.


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