Die Tyrannei des Schmetterlings

Published on 09/2/2020

Image of the book Die Die Tyrannei des Schmetterlings being held in hand in front of a computer monitor

Where do I start with this? I tried really hard to like it but I just cannot.

Before you continue reading, I want to say that I did not finish the book - I stopped half-way through

The story is not really new or engaging and moves very slowly. The writing style is too detailed for me to form a good image in my mind, every time I have an image of a scene the author adds more and more details and it just keeps changing; It’s too much of hard world building for me.

If the book would’ve introduced new ideas or revolutionary concepts I’d have bitten my teeth together and went trough with it, but it is really not new nor anything, I read the plot summary on Wikipedia and was not surprised at all. If this book was written in the 1970 - 1980 it would’ve been something “new”. What’s especially disappointing for me is that the author, Frank Schätzing, apparently talked to experts in AI during his research and nothing of this is reflected in the part of the book I read.

As stated previously the details with which every scene is described is too much. It prevents me, the reader, from drawing a picture in my head. Instead the picture is build for me, and if I want to have a picture build I watch a movie or series; I’m not too keen on reading a 4 page long description of every square meter of pavement the protagonist walks along; I do not care that there’s this very specific tree and this very specific plant and these three very specific bugs and what not; - it is just not for me.

So sadly I cannot recommend this book. 2/5 because it is a book and if you’re not too deeply invested into Sci-Fi or AI you may get something “new” or surprising out of it. I did not.




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