Back to basics: WordPress!




If you’re a regular (LOL) on this website you may have noticed that literally everything is different and all old content is gone as well. Sorry about that!

I’ve moved my website from a static webpage made with 11ty to a WordPress powered site again because I’ve noticed over the past years that Markdown-based solutions slow me down in simply creating content; They’re amazing tools, and I love working with 11ty, but I don’t like publishing content with it.

So, full cycle I’ve come back to WordPress, the first CMS I ever used back in 2009ish when I first started writing about tech stuff.

What to expect?

Nothing, really.

I want to write about things I learn but I don’t want to pressure myself into writing X articles each month or week or whatever; I just want to write when I have something to write about.

So that’s it.

So long, and thanks for all the fish ๐ŸŸ


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