On shrimp 🦐



Yesterday I was reading a blog post titled “You don’t have to be a “content creator” to have a website.” by Ana Rodrigues and it felt right at home with what I believe: Having a website is incredible. You can post whatever you want, you can share whatever you want, there’s no algorithms on your website – unless you chose to – you can share it with people, put it on lanyards at conferences, print it on business cards in case you need another stack of 500 business cards neatly stashed in a drawer – it’s just incredibly beautiful.

Also, looking at the big dumpster fire that once was Twitter, by linking your own website when giving talks you’ll always be reachable no matter what the current top-notch platform is. Ana goes on and talks about having a simple landing page which links to your other networks – and this is exactly what’s so awesome about websites. It can just exist like this, a static little page with no content other than links. Ana’s landing page is https://anarodrigu.es/ – and it’s perfect in its simplicity (as of writing).

I have https://kevingimbel.de/links/ and https://kevingimbel.de/photo-links/, which I link in my bio on various networks. The reason I chose this simple page compared to a service like linktree is the same: If linktree is no longer around, who guarantees my links still work? I want to be in control, and I do control my website and my own domain. (Linktree is just an example, this is the same for all such services)

My “professional” landing page is https://kevin.gimbel.dev/, it lists a bunch of skills and ways to connect, and also mirrors (some) blog posts from kevingimbel.de – this is the domain I’d put on my slides when giving a talk, and if somebody watches that talk in 5 years and we all moved away from Bluesky and Mastodon to the new hot network called Skydon, they’ll still be able to find me. Because I have my own website, and I can link all my accounts from here.

Coming to a close you may wonder why this post is called “On shrimp“. I don’t know, I guess I just like a little weirdness every now and then.


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