Author: Kevin

  • On shrimp 🦐



    Yesterday I was reading a blog post titled “You don’t have to be a “content creator” to have a website.” by Ana Rodrigues and it felt right at home with what I believe: Having a website is incredible. You can post whatever you want, you can share whatever you want, there’s no algorithms on your…

  • I moved all my photo posts to this website



    As part of my big “move ALL THE THINGS around” server consolidation I now moved a lot of photography content to this site, so feel free to read through Photography blog posts or check out the series page – or, if you fancy getting a PDF, download one of my zines! There’s still some things…

  • I don’t like Python

    … and there’s a reason: Dependency Management. Coming from languages like Node, Go, and Rust I am used to decent dependency management (although Go was really bad at it for the first years, and has become decent only recently with the addition of go mod.). Python, in my opinion, lacks a good and well-defined Package…

  • A little hiccup

    Well, looks like was (partly?) down – as far as I can tell the culprit was ipv6! In the past I’ve not really bothered with ipv6 much but it feels odd to leave it out these days. Sorry for the inconvenience to all my 2 readers, I’m sure you’ve missed my blog on this…

  • Week 14: New server who dis?

    I’ve been moving servers around and it’s ✨ s t r e s s f u l ✨

  • RE: Hacking Terraform State for Privilege Escalation



    An interesting attack vector which uses empty terraform providers and a modified state file to execute code! There’s lots to be excited about as a red teamer and scared of as a blue teamer, but at the top of the list is that the attack does not require a “terraform apply”. Even if the human reviewing…

  • Week 13: Kubernetes 101, Dark Souls, and Circe

    I guess that’s it. See you some other week 🙂

  • Where to put things?



    In the middle of moving my websites around I wonder where to put things. I blog in German on a more “private-and-casual” blog, and I blog more professionally (lol) and in English here. I like to keep the technical stuff on to have a “this is professional me” sort of website. At the same…

  • Week 12: Depression, winter, and grey skies

    Depression is a topic people – especially man – still don’t want to talk about a lot. It’s still stigmatised and therefor harder to admit than it needs to be – even before oneself, maybe especially before oneself. Depression pulls you down deep, makes you explore depth of the mind which are neither nice, nor…