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  • TIL: multiple git-identities on one machine

    Turns out you can have multiple Git identities alongside each other on one Machine without needing to set them locally for each repository! It still involves multiple .gitconfig files, but it’s a lot less work than configuring an endless amount of repos! First, set the global config like this: Now in ~/AOE/.gitconfig I configure the […]

  • How to extend and reuse configs in Gitlab CI

    When I began using Gitlab CI the first thing I wanted to know was how to reuse configs. I know that we’ll have changing requirements at work and that we’ll have hundreds of repositories using basically-the-same configurations so I wanted to make sure we’d have a central place to make changes to these. I found […]

  • TIL: Replace git URLs in Gitlab CI

    When working with Gitlab as a storage for Terraform or Ansible modules you probably access them using SSH, like git@gitlab.instance:group/project.git. This has the advantage that authentication is done using SSH keys and everybody on your team can access the repositories just like they’d do when cloning on the terminal – no need for entering passwords during […]