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05/29/2020 | 05/29/12020 HE

Berlin Berlin

In April one of my favorite Artists, Ira Atari (Facebook), released her new Song “Berlin Berlin”. I love the song and the video with all it’s glitched visuals! Content wise the song hits close home, as I’ve had panic attacks, too, and especially the following line is something I can relate to I may stop by the club but to many people stand in line so I can’t drop by - I’m so sorry guys

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05/20/2020 | 05/20/12020 HE

Dan Dubuque Slide Guitarist

I just discovered Dan Dubuque’s YouTube channel because the video “Dan Dubuque covering RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE’s “Killing In The Name Of” on Weissenborn Slide Guitar” caught my attention. First off, I love Rage Against The Machine, and second what the fuck is a Slide Guitar? While I know the sound of it, I’ve never heard the name before. The cover is really good and the channel seems to be new (only one month old).

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08/13/2015 | 08/13/12015 HE

A Beginners Guide to Drum and Bass

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a Mixtape but luckily I just happened to create one the other day for a friend, hoping to get her into Drum and Bass. So here it is, “A Beginners Guide to Drum and Bass” with a selection of tracks from liquid to harder Drum and Bass. Enjoy! See all Mixtapes

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03/2/2014 | 03/2/12014 HE

Mixtape: February 2014

Another month passed and a new mixtape arrived. My favorites of February 2014. Enjoy!

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01/13/2014 | 01/13/12014 HE

Fatboy Slim - Why Try Harder

Start your day right and listen to the best of the best of the best from Fatboy Slim - Free on SoundCloud!

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01/10/2014 | 01/10/12014 HE

Digitalism - Boiler Room at MELT! 2013

I really like Digitalism and I really love electronic music so this DJ Set recorded at MELT! festival in Germany is just perfect. I can highliy recommend to follow Digitalism and Boiler Room on SoundCloud.

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01/5/2014 | 01/5/12014 HE

Mixtape: 2013

I like to make Mixtapes (or playlists) on SoundCloud and this one is my “Best of 2013” Mixtape featuring my favorites of Drum and Bass, Electro and Dubstep. Enjoy!

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