12/27/2016 | Reading time: 4 minutes

Goodbye Ubuntu, Hello Mac

Christmas came earlier this year! Since my co-workers switched to MacBooks over the year I got a MacBook, too. I got my new PC last year so I was not due to a hardware change for at least another year but - to my luck - I also got a new PC so we all have the same hardware. After three years of Ubuntu and Linux/GNU it’s odd to switch to MacOS.

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01/2/2014 | Reading time: 7 minutes

Web Development in 2014

As soon as you start to really dig into web development it feels like things would change daily - at least I feel that way. But there’s one thing that I’d like everyone to do in 2014: At least basic responsive web development to ensure your site - at least - looks good and is usable on whatever screen it will be displayed. There’s nothing I hate more than scrolling websites around on my phone when I want to read an article (to be honest, I mostly leave the site and never come back).

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12/22/2013 | Reading time: 3 minutes

How I got employed

About 1 year ago I joined a tlk.io Chat created by Tim Pietrusky. It was my first time ever I joined a group of other devs and I was more then nervouse about because I - at this time - considered my self more of a Hobby-Dev who’s not that skilled. I just started using CodePen a few months before and did some fun demos and experiments there like drawing images with CSS and stuff.

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10/13/2013 | Reading time: 2 minutes

Join a Dev Group

Earlier this year I joined a Dev Group. It was the best decision I made this year and I want to tell you why. After doing more experiments on CodePen and right after I got to know Tim Pietrusky he opened a tlk.io Chat called #CodePen. For those who’re not familiar with tlk: it’s an open web chat. You can create a room, everyone can join and all things are open to everyone who knows the URL.

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09/1/2013 | Reading time: 2 minutes

Endless scrolling

If you see Apps (no matter if native or web) and websites like I do, you’ll probably now the worst thing that can happen to an endless scrolling page: No shortcut to get back to top. Even Facebook doesn’t offer a way to get back to top on their website nor do they on Facebook for Android. On Android you can simply hit the menu button and the sidebar-like menu will fade in, so there is no problem with not having an “scroll to top” action because there is no need to get back to the top.

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