"Fasanerie" is the name of a local wildlife and forest park. It's free to enter and a very nice place to spent a family day.

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White mushroom between glovers (or similar green plants) A leather-like mushroom A cluster of mushrooms with long necks and small, brown caps Mushrooms and moss on a tree A bunch of capped mushrooms on a tree A tiny red mushroom near a log. There might be a slug on it!

Hi, I'm Kevin!

I'm a DevOps Engineer with a focus on automation and security. Before shifting into DevOps and cloud computing I worked as Front-End Developer, which is still a hobby and field of interest for me.

Hand-made vector avatar of Kevin Gimbel

I'm very passionated about a variety of games - digital, boardgames, and pen & paper; and also interested in Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, and dystopian books. You can find out more on the about page.