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08/31/2020 | 08/31/12020 HE


passt is a CLI tool and library that can be used to generate random strings, e.g. for use as passwords. It is very “weak” in that it doesn’t use any “real” cryptography and should therefor not be used as an actual password generator. You can use passt to generate random test input when testing software tho. Up to date information can be found on GitHub Usage: CLI Install $ cargo install passt Arguments

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06/4/2020 | 06/4/12020 HE


A Rust TCP server that responds with callers’ IPv4 address About This server is the counter part to mip. It responds with the callers’ IP address on request. That’s it. Usage Cargo Run the server with cargo run, then connect to it on port 8111. Binary Build the binary for your system with cargo. $ cargo build --release Then copy the binary from target/release/yip to some place in your $PATH. Afterwards the server can be started by running yip.

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06/4/2020 | 06/4/12020 HE


mip gets the local IP address by requesting (or a custom endpoint) and parsing the returned output. It has 0 dependencies and only relies on the Rust std lib. Usage Add the following to Cargo.toml. [dependencies] mip = "0.4.0 Then use it like use mip::IP; fn main() { println!("My IP is {}", IP::is()); } Or without use fn main() { println!("My IP is {}", mip::IP::is()); } Custom Endpoint Instead of using httpbin.

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05/29/2020 | 05/29/12020 HE


license is a CLI tool for generation open source license files. It’s written in TypeScript and executed with Deno, a secure runtime for JavaScript. license is the successor of a Golang project of the same name I started years ago and contains more function that I never came around to implement. All features and command can be found on GitHub at kevingimbel/license-cli. Highlights Search for a license by keywords The example below shows all licenses matching the keyword “public-use”

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