Rust CLI and library to generate good-enough random strings and passwords

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passt is a CLI tool and library that can be used to generate random strings, e.g. for use as passwords. It is very “weak” in that it doesn’t use any “real” cryptography and should therefor not be used as an actual password generator.

You can use passt to generate random test input when testing software tho.

Up to date information can be found on GitHub

Usage: CLI


$ cargo install passt


USAGE: passt -l <int> [-s] [-chars "<str>"] [-n <int>]

-l      length of the generated password
-n      number of passwords to create (default: 1)
-s      use special characters
-chars  possible characters as a string, e.g. "abc012"

Usage: Library

Generate random string with default character sets:

function signature

Passt::random_password(length: i32, with_special_chars: Option<bool>) -> String

code example

use passt::Passt;

fn my_random_password() -> String {
    Passt::random_password(16, Some(false));

fn my_random_password_with_none() -> String {
    Passt::random_password(16, None);

fn my_random_password_with_special_chars() -> String {
    Passt::random_password(16, Some(true));

Use custom character set

fn my_custom_set() {
    Pass::random_password_with_custom_set(16, "acefhjlnprtvxz13579")

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