08/6/2020 | Reading time: 5 minutes

Shipping Rust CLIs with Docker

I recently found a nice and clean way of building and distributing Rust CLI apps using docker. For my work I created a Rust app that wraps some AWS SDK functions to make my day-to-day work with AWS easier. This CLI is very focused on the way we work at Synoa and therefore unfortunately not open source. The tech does not matter much, as we can just create a tiny example “app” for this blog post.

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05/5/2020 | Reading time: 5 minutes

Docker Apache Proxy Setup

In this post I’d like to detail how I am managing docker containers behind an apache2 proxy on a Ubuntu 18.04. server. I’m using one Apache server to route traffic from multiple sub-domains to docker containers all running with docker-compose. This setup is not automated and the containers do not need to interact with each other; It’s just how I run software for my private usage. Overview Let’s start with an overview image, because this can be quite confusing.

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12/21/2016 | Reading time: 2 minutes

Gotcha: dockerignore

Today I was caught off-guard by a docker “bug” - or so I thought at first. I tried to boot up a project with docker-compose up like I do since switching to a Mac. Unusual was that docker-compose stopped at the build step and would not finish the boot. After some confusion and after checking the projects docker-compose.yml configuration file I went to GitHub to see the newest docker for mac issues because I was using the beta release and thought a recent update might broke a thing or two.

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