09/1/2020 | Reading time: 1 minute

Hannah Gadsby - Douglas

Last night my wife and I watched Hannah Gadsbys newest stand-up show called “Douglas” and within the first minute I was out of breath and laughing because she just hits my humor spot on. Absolutely loved this show! It’s a good hour of laughing with serious topics wrapped into jokes, but never feels too uncomfortable. From the topics and the overall feeling it’s not as hard as Nanette, which just left me sobbing during the last half and was a constant rollercoaster because it is very harsh and real and touches a lot of very personal topics; If you haven’t watched it I don’t want to spoil - just take an hour and watch it on Netflix.

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04/27/2020 | Reading time: 1 minute

Night on Earth

Last weekend I finished “Night on Earth” a Netflix documentation about animal life during the night, filmed with super light sensitive cameras making the darkest night look like early evening; It’s an interesting look into the night and quite entertaining and educating. You can find the documentation here on Netflix ★★★★☆

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