Tools, equipment, hardware, etc. I use and like

This page lists tools, apps, services, hardware, and other stuff I use in no particular order. All things listed are honest and personal recommendations!

Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my go-to editor for all development (Rust, web dev, bash scripting, Terraform, Ansible, ...)
  • IBM Plex Mono is my monospace font in Visual Studio Code
  • iTerm 2 is my terminal
  • zsh is my shell


  • Brave is my day-to-day browser.

It's build on Chromium and offers Brave Rewards, which is a way to earn the BAT crypto currency by viewing ads. You can directly support me by tipping BAT to this website, my Twitter @KevinGimbel or on GitHub @KevinGimbel!


  • I backup my entire Mac using Time Machine and a 1TB Seagate hard drive
  • I use Nextcloud for cross-device sync of personal files (photos, documents, etc.)


I wrote about my 2FA and Password Manager setup in the past.