Right from the early 2000s to your screen: A blogroll πŸŽ‰

Keeping the distributed WWW alive! The world-wide-web lives from being home to lots of independent sites and places. We kind of lost the spirit when Social Media pulled us into silos and made the personal website less and less attractive – but the personal website is here to stay!

Here’s a bunch of blogs I like to read, in no particular order.

Ash‘s blog was just started back up this year (2024), so YOU can be among the first to read it! She blogs about life, books, and who knows what’ll come!

Alice blogs about personal thingies – Weeknotes, which inspired my Weeknotes and tech

Ana blogs about tech and front-end, and I enjoy reading it, as well as discovering new links through her bookmark posts.

Dana blogs about web-dev and 11ty, and her blog has been a huge help in moving my sites from WordPress to WordPress+11ty.

Marcel blogs about life, tech and web-dev, design, and shares a lot of books he’s read. I’ve been following him for quite some time now (2009-2010 ish?)

Tim, aka NERDDISCO is a Visual Artist and good friend of mine. He doesn’t blog but shares cool videos and plays live gigs

Sara shares brilliant insights from her job as a front-end developer and design engineer

Amos blog is invaluable when it comes to understanding Rust. His in-depth articles and fun writing style make learning fun

Questcast is a German pen & paper community. They have a Discord server, play a lot of different games, and release Podcast episodes of some of the games.