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  • Replace git URLs in Gitlab CI

    | Permalink | #git #ci #gitlab

    When working with Gitlab as a storage for Terraform or Ansible modules you probably access them using SSH, like git@gitlab.instance:group/project.git. This has the advantage that authentication is done using SSH keys and everybody on your team can access the repositories just... Continue reading

  • Darken and Lighten colors with CSS

    Recreating SASS darken() & lighten() function with CSS variables and calc

    | Permalink | #frontend #css

    The technique shown in this post uses the hsl color format in combination with the calc CSS function to calculate darker or lighter shades of a base color. Before we get into the code I want to make sure I did not come up with this, I found the code on StackOverflow and only want... Continue reading

  • This week on the internetz

    Not-so-weekly recap of articles from around the internet

    | Permalink | #this-week-on-the-internetz #link

    Hello and welcome to the first ever "This week on the internetz", a place where I collect articles I've read and stuff I've found on the internet this past week. Web Dev “ Your personal site is your playground. Overhearing some recent chatter about putting the... Continue reading

  • 2020

  • Make a Language

    | Permalink | External link | #rust

    A blog series about making a language using Rust. I really enjoyed this series which is packed with good patterns and ideas on how to parse text into something meaningful. Continue reading

  • Saatenbrot

    | Permalink | German | #backen #brot #hefe #vollkorn #Gusseisentopf

    Ich habe mal wieder gebacken! Diesmal gab es ein Saatenbrot, bestehend aus Weizenmehl, Weizen-Vollkornmehl, etwas Hefe, und Kürbiskernen, Leinsamen, und Sesam. Der Teigling in seinem Gärkörbchen Ich mag Hefeteig nicht, aber dieses Brot schmeckte mir sehr gut! Die Hefe war sehr... Continue reading

  • Rust Compiler Umgebungsvariablen

    | Permalink | German | #rust #cargo #compiler

    Rust ist eine wunderbare Programmiersprache mit einem gut durchdachten Compiler. Das Rust Team hat sich die Bürde auferlegt, den Compiler so "schlau" wie möglich zu machen um so viele Fehler schon während dem kompilieren des Codes zu erkennen. Außerdem wird Rust mit... Continue reading

  • Keychron K2

    | Permalink | #keyboard #mechanical #keychron #equipment

    Yesterday I got my Keychron K2 keyboard! It's my first time getting a mechanical keyboard and also the first time using an ANSI layout instead of the german ISO layout. It's also the first time using such a small keyboard so I'll need to get used to the position of keys again,... Continue reading

  • Lord of Souls

    | Permalink | #book #elder-scrolls #fantasy #rating-5

    Similar to The Infernal City, I also had Lord of Souls by Greg Keyes standing in my bookshelf for years, and after finishing and loving "The Infernal City" I was very excited to continue the journey with Lord of Souls. The two books connect seamlessly and Lord of Souls... Continue reading

  • Fall Guys

    | Permalink | #ps4 #multiplayer #psplus #rating-5

    Fall Guys is fun! It's stupid and fun, and I love it. It's like someone turned Takeshi's Castle into a video game. You run around parkours with 60 other people, all controlling one of the little blobby-folks seen in the screenshots. There's costumes and multiple rounds, some... Continue reading

  • Rust CLI mit Docker ausliefern

    | Permalink | German | #rust #docker #cli

    Vor kurzem habe ich einen Weg gefunden Rust CLI Programme über Docker auszuliefern. Für meinen Arbeitgeber Synoa habe ich in den letzten Monaten ein CLI Tool erstellt, dass mir - und anderen - die Arbeit mit AWS erleichtert. Diese CLI im Team zu verteilen gestaltete sich als... Continue reading

  • Corona Warn App

    | Permalink | German | #corona #app

    Die Corona Warn App wurde veröffentlicht und erstaunlicherweise ist sie gut! Die App läuft mit minimalen Berechtigungen, verbraucht wenig Strom da sie Bluetooth Low Energy verwendet, ist komplett dezentralisiert, und zu alledem auch noch Open Source: der Code für die Apps, die... Continue reading

  • Berlin Berlin

    | Permalink | External link | #ira-atari #berlin #audiolith #electro

    In April one of my favorite Artists, Ira Atari (Facebook), released her new Song "Berlin Berlin". I love the song and the video with all it's glitched visuals! Content wise the song hits close home, as I've had panic attacks, too, and especially the following line is... Continue reading

  • Untold History Arkane

    | Permalink | External link | #games #arkane #documentary

    "The Untold History of Arkane: Dishonored / Prey / Ravenholm / LMNO / The Crossing" is a documentation by NoClip about Arkane Studios, one of my absolute favorite game studios! Lately they gained popularity with daring AAA games like Dishonored and Prey. This... Continue reading

  • Hallo, Welt!

    | Permalink | German | #blog #in-eigener-sache

    Hallo! Dieser Blog hat ab jetzt auch eine Deutsche ... Seite(?). Auf jeden Fall dachte ich mir, es gibt durchaus auch das ein oder andere was ich vielleicht mal auf Deutsch bloggen möchte, gemischte Sprachen in einer großen Blog Liste finde ich aber nicht so super. Deswegen gibt... Continue reading

  • DIY Face Masks

    | Permalink | #crafting #sewing #mask #face #covid-19

    In light of COVID-19 and the resulting changes to public life I decided to take up a needle and sew some face masks! It's actually fun to do and I wouldn't have thought that I could actually do it! I got the layout from Nina (German blog post), who in turn got it from Jess Dang's... Continue reading

  • DIY Iced Tea

    | Permalink | #drink #summer #selfmade #diy

    A few days ago I made my own Iced Tea and I thought I'd share this quick 'n easy recipe on the blog. Ingredients for 1 liter Half a lemon A bit of Agave syrup (1-2 table spoon) 300ml fresh brewed black tea (I used a cheap Earl Grey) 700ml water (I used with gas, can also be... Continue reading

  • Night on Earth

    | Permalink | #netflix #animals #series #wildlife

    Last weekend I finished "Night on Earth" a Netflix documentation about animal life during the night, filmed with super light sensitive cameras making the darkest night look like early evening; It's an interesting look into the night and quite entertaining and... Continue reading

  • Terrasave

    | Permalink | #devops #terraform #cli #bash #fish #code

    I just released a tiny tool function I've been using for some time called terrasave. It's a Bash / Fish function that prevents you from running terraform without the -target option. Why does this exist? In terraform it is incredibly easy to destroy things with terraform apply. If... Continue reading

  • Random Theme

    | Permalink | #web #css #javascript #code

    I've decided to add some randomness to this website! You may noticed that the two main colors change on every page reload - there's a fixed number of "themes" available and they change at random. To accomplish this I used the following JavaScript. (function(window,... Continue reading

  • No Tracking

    | Permalink | #security #surveillance #capitalism #code

    I don't track you. That's a promise and a statement, this website works without Tracking. Inspired by Laura Kalbag, who was inspired by the footer text on Karolina Szczur’s website. Why The reason I do not use tracking is an idealistic one. I no longer want to collect data for... Continue reading

  • Two Factor Auth, Password managers, and cloud sync

    A guide on how I secure my passwords, 2FA data, and sync between devices

    | Permalink | #workflow #productivity #password #management #sync #cloud_storage #2FA #security #android

    For years I have not given much thought to passwords, security, or how to manage my passwords efficiently and securely. I usually would either save them in the browser or just re-use passwords (which of course is the worst). Around 7-8ish years ago I began to use password... Continue reading

  • Using Archetypes in Hugo

    | Permalink | #hugo #ssg #automation #code

    For the longest time I completely ignored archetypes in hugo. I'd always copy over the front-matter from the last blog post I wrote and then fill in the things I needed - leading to some mistakes (e.g. using category instead of categories) over time. Archetypes are easy to use,... Continue reading

  • Hugo aliases and redirects

    Using aliases to prevent 404 when restructuring your Hugo site

    | Permalink | #hugo #ssg #seo #code

    With the recent redesign and re-structuring of my website I decided to include year and month in URLs. I previously only used the post title as URL key, so a post with title Hello world would be available at With the new format this includes the... Continue reading

  • Hugo: ignore in list templates

    How I ignore files in my list templates

    | Permalink | #hugo #cms #ssg #code

    While creating my new website I also added more sections, namely a blog, photography, and art section. All of these use list templates and render "article"-like content previews. I wanted to add some content to these lists and Hugo has a special file named for... Continue reading

  • Hugo: compare dates to flag old content

    How I use Math and Date functions to flag old posts in Hugo

    | Permalink | #hugo #cms #ssg #code

    With the recent redesign of my website I also wanted to add a note to old articles. The IT world is changing fast and information can quickly be outdated, so I decided to add an automatically generated note to every post that is older than 4 years. Using the Hugo Math function... Continue reading

  • Safe calc usage in CSS

    Using CSS `calc` function reasonable and with fallbacks

    | Permalink | #css #calc #fallback #code

    calc is a great CSS function to calculate values, e.g. margins or widths. What makes it especially great is that it can combine different values, for example calc(100% - 4rem - 1px) is valid and works in modern browsers - in simpler words: Calc works with different units like em,... Continue reading

  • 2018

  • TIL: Bash select

    | Permalink | #bash #til #shell

    I was recently researching different bash prompts and stumbled upon an StackExchange answer which explains the different prompt types (PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4). The answer explains how the PS3 prompt is used for commands like select. I did not know about select before, so that's... Continue reading

  • 2017

  • 2017, week 10, 11, 12, 13

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    Time sure does fly sometimes! I just realized the last "weekly" review post was from the beginning of march, namely week 8 and 9, so one month ago. In the meantime I played a lot of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, worked on a Go thing, and went to a... Continue reading

  • 2017, week 8 and 9

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    It turns out that a lot of my time is actually spent working or playing games - so there's not too much to tell and weekly updates become hard-ish to write. I am going to go with bi-weekly or even monthly updates from now on. So this post is week eight and week nine - week nine... Continue reading

  • 2017, week seven

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    In week six nothing happened so it was skipped. Quite nice, actually. In the second half of week six and through week seven I prepared a workshop which I gave on Friday at the Coding Night. This Coding Night was a special one: The topic was "CodingNight feat. CodeDoor feat.... Continue reading

  • 2017, week five

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    Another week passed, another personal review. This week I finally got a appointment with my tattoo artist to finish up my tattoo. I'm only 6 months late to do so because I kept saying "I'll call next week", "I'll do it when I'm back from Amsterdam", "I'll... Continue reading

  • 2017, week four

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    It's the last week of the first month already - weird how fast time seems to tick! This week has been rather stressful and loaded with work which is why I did not write any posts or did any programming in my free time. Looking back at the week there's not much to say so this will... Continue reading

  • 2017, week three

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    Another week another short review! The third week of 2017 had a lot of travel because I attended an Elasticsearch training course in Munich to learn more about Elasticsearch hands-on. The two day course was exiting and I enjoyed my time, learning quite a lot about the different... Continue reading

  • 2017, week two

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    This week I spent a lot of time with Amazon Web Services, or AWS, and made myself familiar with the backend and the way server / instance management works on AWS. While doing so I also learned that AWS instances are by default not accessible from the internet - they have no open... Continue reading

  • Writing NodeJS cli tools

    | Permalink | #nodejs #javascript #cli

    Over 2015 and 2016 I got more and more interested in automating my daily workflows with scripts. For this purpose I learned Bash Scripting (or Shell Scripting) and started writing my first scripts to automate repeating tasks, creating apache vhosts files for example. Recently I... Continue reading

  • 2017, week one

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    German blogger, designer, and YouTuber Marcel Wichmann started a weekly-review blog series which I find quite interesting! Reviewing in short what happened in each week of the year is a nice and "easy" way to recap everything that happened - and it also helps writing... Continue reading

  • 2016, a short review

    | Permalink | #review #personal

    2016 has been an odd year in regards to world events and deaths - quite depressing actually. For me personal it has been the exact opposite. Overall, for me 2016 has been an excellent year. January View from the hotel in Fuerteventura. January started with what we call a... Continue reading

  • 2016

  • Goodbye Ubuntu, Hello Mac

    | Permalink | #hardware #development

    Christmas came earlier this year! Since my co-workers switched to MacBooks over the year I got a MacBook, too. I got my new PC last year so I was not due to a hardware change for at least another year but - to my luck - I also got a new PC so we all have the same hardware. After... Continue reading

  • Gotcha: dockerignore

    | Permalink | #docker #development

    Today I was caught off-guard by a docker "bug" - or so I thought at first. I tried to boot up a project with docker-compose up like I do since switching to a Mac. Unusual was that docker-compose stopped at the build step and would not finish the boot. After some... Continue reading

  • 2015

  • ReactJS - Hello World!

    | Permalink | #react

    This article is the first in a series about ReactJS, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is actively developed at Facebook and Instagram, while Instagram uses React to build their web app. At Facebook, however, React plays a role in the "background",... Continue reading

  • Getting into vim - again

    | Permalink | #vim #editor #tools

    It's been some time since I first got my fingers on VIM. My first impression was - as everyones I guess - pretty bad. VIM is not that easy to understand, yet a powerful, shortcut-based, distraction free editor. I've already written about turning Sublime Text into VIM mode and my... Continue reading

  • 2014

  • Endless Multi-Dimensional Navigation

    | Permalink | #javascript

    The past I decided to get my head around multi-dimensional navigations, like navigations that can have (endless) sub navigations nested inside them and so I started to try some ideas on CodePen. My first idea was to have a trigger element that, when clicked, triggeres the nearest... Continue reading

  • Conditional CSS

    | Permalink | #css #frontend

    While there's a lot of talking about CSS writing styles, organization styles and if it's maybe better or not to avoid pre-processors or frameworks there's one very powerful thing that gets pretty much no attention at all: Conditional CSS, i.e. pieces of CSS that serve one... Continue reading

  • Noobish VIM

    | Permalink | #vim #editor

    Since I'm still trying to really get why so many (Front-End) Devs love VIM I tried to find a "good" way to integrate it into my daily workflow. Since I'm working in a relativley small company it's most of the time stressy to get all things done and to keep an overview -... Continue reading

  • Useful Web Developer Tools

    | Permalink | #chrome #tools #workflow

    I myself always like to see what other developers use in their workflow: What tools? What plugin? Live-Reload, Pre-Processors, shortcuts - all that stuff. It's always great to save some time, especially for repeating tasks or challenges. Today I want to share my list of tool that... Continue reading

  • Vim - first impression

    | Permalink | #editor #vim

    When I first looked at Vim it was a very short experience that was literally as follows # from the command line vim *vim opens* "What's that?" *CTRL + C* "How do I even close this?!" *opens browser, googles "how to close VIM"* ESC + :q That was it and that was my Vim... Continue reading

  • Passing Arguments in JavaScript

    | Permalink | #javascript #code

    One of my favorite aspects of JavaScript is that it is unbelievable flexible. I am currently reading "Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja" by the amazing John Resig and try to play around with JavaScript whenever I've the time to do so. Just yesteday I needed to pass as... Continue reading

  • Pure JavaScript slider

    | Permalink | #javascript

    The great thing when you're a beginner in any programming language (or in anything in general) is, that even small successes make you happy and proud of what you did. I'm very proud of my back to top script even though it's not perfect at all. I could make a back to top button... Continue reading

  • Labels in GMail

    | Permalink | #gmail #productivity #workflow

    In case your company is using GMail Business there's one thing that comes to your daily work-life I really love about GMail: Labels. Labels are used to sort eMails automatically and - what I really love about - without removing them from the Inbox into 1000 folders. Instead they... Continue reading

  • Bullgit loves Jekyll

    | Permalink | #cms #ssg #jekyll

    After having a static HTML Page for about 6 months, we at bullgit just switched to a brand-new Jekyll page that uses the GitHub API to display all our repos as well as a list of members with images and links and there are a few reasons why we made this switch: Jekyll is built-in... Continue reading

  • Web Development in 2014

    | Permalink | #css

    As soon as you start to really dig into web development it feels like things would change daily - at least I feel that way. But there's one thing that I'd like everyone to do in 2014: At least basic responsive web development to ensure your site - at least - looks good and is... Continue reading

  • 2013

  • Brackets vs. Sublime Text

    | Permalink | #tooling #software #editor

    I first tried Brackets back in my Windows time. It was a very early version, kinda heavy and wonky and not what I wanted from an editor I use on a daily base at all. Just today I decided to give it a second look because beside VIM it is the editor I read quite a lot about latly.... Continue reading

  • How I got employed

    | Permalink | #job #work

    About 1 year ago I joined a Chat created by Tim Pietrusky. It was my first time ever I joined a group of other devs and I was more then nervouse about because I - at this time - considered my self more of a Hobby-Dev who's not that skilled. I just started using CodePen a... Continue reading

  • Pseudo Product Flags

    | Permalink | #css #interface #tutorial

    For a recent client Project I had to create Product Flags that are displayed at the top of each product. The Flags should have different colors and different values (which also have different lengths). The values are applied via the data Attribute and the colors are also... Continue reading

  • To infinity and beyond

    | Permalink | #javascript #vanilla_js

    While I was re-designing my Website I decided to finally add some JavaScript to it. I'm learning JavaScript for like 2 months now and - to be honest - I finally understand most of the things I'm doing. Yesterday night's topic was a "Back to Top" Button written in... Continue reading

  • Custom Radio Buttons

    | Permalink | #css #interface #design

    Today I thought about a project I had in mind for some time, it has to do with ratings of different contents and the first thing I thought about was: What's the easiest or best way to create a rating form with custom buttons (stars, hearts, whatever). A few years ago I had to do... Continue reading

  • Ghost in the shell

    | Permalink | #cms #nodejs

    Finally Ghost launched to the public! I waited for this CMS since I first heard of, at this time my blog was running on WordPress which always felt overloaded. WordPress has a lot of functions and stuff I don't need when publishing a few articles a month to the Internet. However,... Continue reading

  • i-js

    | Permalink | #javascript

    Today I decided to dig deeper into JavaScript and experiment a bit with scope, query selection and the general manipulation of the DOM. To do so I set up an object to store all my functions - this is not necessary but definitely more fun. After naming my Object $ (because I new... Continue reading

  • Join a Dev Group

    | Permalink | #community

    Earlier this year I joined a Dev Group. It was the best decision I made this year and I want to tell you why. After doing more experiments on CodePen and right after I got to know Tim Pietrusky he opened a Chat called #CodePen. For those who're not familiar with tlk: it's... Continue reading

  • From 0 To Sass

    | Permalink | #css #sass #tooling

    If you're a Front-End Developer you may have already heard about Pre-Processors such as Sass, LESS or Stylus. It's fair to say that they're all good and which one you use is up to you or your team. I prefer Sass with the SCSS Syntax (= keeps semicolons and brackets). Even though... Continue reading

  • A bit sticky

    | Permalink | #css

    I just stumbled upon a very handy CSS Property: position:sticky. As far as I found out it's only working in Chrome and Chromium with the experimental Webkit Features Flag enabled (see at chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-webkit-features). position:sticky is a pretty handy... Continue reading

  • Endless scrolling

    | Permalink | #code #UI #UX #thoughts

    If you see Apps (no matter if native or web) and websites like I do, you'll probably now the worst thing that can happen to an endless scrolling page: No shortcut to get back to top. Even Facebook doesn't offer a way to get back to top on their website nor do they on Facebook for... Continue reading

  • Is this :valid?

    | Permalink

    I recently stumbled upon the :valid and :invalid class for input fields. It gives you the ability to use visual feedback on inputs that show the user whether the input is - guess what? - valid or not. This is, in fact, a very handy pseudo class in case of UI and UX Design because... Continue reading

  • px vs em

    | Permalink

    Recently Tim Pietrusky wrote and article about px vs em that contains a few links on resources that explain why you should use em instead of px as measure unit on websites. I was using pixel like forever and I couldn't think of any reason to switch to a new unit until Tim... Continue reading

  • Hello World

    | Permalink

    Recently I decided to redesign and redefine my online appearance and the way I publish content to the internet. I switched from using 2 domains as Blog and Portfolio to one new Domain for both: This page is build with Jekyll a blog-aware static site generator... Continue reading

  • 2012

  • ::selection

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    Using ::selection for fancy selection colors. ::selection {background:#279; color:#fff;}::-moz-selection {background:#279; color:#fff;}::-webkit-selection {background:#279; color:#fff;} Try to select this text, the background will be #279 the color will be #fff. Also try to... Continue reading

  • Switching to Notepad++

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    I decided to use this small blog for any personal thing I think needs to be documented. Well, some weeks ago I decided to switch from Adobe Dreamweaver to Notepad++ for all webstuff I create. Some reasons are: it's faster the whole software is smaller the syntax highlighting is... Continue reading