Here you can find some of my photography

Below you can find some of my photography. I used to photograph a lot when I was younger but over the years it faded out of my daily live. I’d like to re-kindle my love for photography which is why this section exists: I want to share more of my photos instead of just keeping them somewhere on my hard drive.

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04/28/2020 | 04/28/12020 HE



The isolation is really getting to my head, but in a moment of creativity this image was captured. You can buy a license for this image on

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01/24/2020 | 01/24/12020 HE

Fujifilm X30

Close-up of Fujifilm X30 camera taken with an iPhone 7

A picture of my Fujifilm X30, taken with an iPhone in low light and not edited. I kinda liked the result. Right now the Fujifilm X30 is my main camera which I try to carry with me at all times. It’s a great camera for quick snapshots and day-to-day photography. I’m thinking about getting another camera with switchable lenses, but I cannot decide on one. It’ll probably be either a Fujifilm X-T2 or Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 - right now I have a strong preference for the Fujifilm.

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01/12/2020 | 01/12/12020 HE


A Merl on a bank sign

Shortly after snapping this image the Merl had enough of me starring at it and flew off.

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01/10/2020 | 01/10/12020 HE

Sunny Morning Rainbow

A rainbow behind a sunny rooftop, seen from my window

Just a quick shot from my window. Enjoy your day! :)

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01/10/2020 | 01/10/12020 HE

Saint Elizabeth's Church Wiesbaden

St. Elizabeth's Church behind trees

One of the sightseeing spots in Wiesbaden is St. Elizabeths Church, a orthodox church located on top the Neroberg. I’m looking forward to taking some better photos of it in the future.

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01/10/2020 | 01/10/12020 HE

Foggy City

Thick fog in the city and a leafless tree

The city in thick fog, seen from my kitchen window.

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11/7/2019 | 11/7/12019 HE

Foggy Forest

View of a foggy forest

A foggy view of a foggy forrest, taken from my balcony with my old Canon 1000D and Sigma 18-200mm F3,5-6,3.

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10/1/2019 | 10/1/12019 HE


A bunch of capped mushrooms on a tree

“Fasanerie” is the name of a local wildlife and forest park. It’s free to enter and a very nice place to spent a family day. All images were edited with Darktable, a free open source Adobe Lightroom alternative.

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08/18/2019 | 08/18/12019 HE

City Walk Wiesbaden

A bee at work on a flower

Some pictures I took while walking through the city of Wiesbaden. All images in this post were taken with my Fujifilm X30 camera.

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07/28/2018 | 07/28/12018 HE


"Imbiss" neon sign

Neon sign at night, taken during some festivities in Mainz, Germany.

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08/3/2012 | 08/3/12012 HE


A roadhouse at night

On my way to Berlin I snapped this image of a roadhouse at night.

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08/2/2012 | 08/2/12012 HE



A picture of the moon I took from my window when I was younger.

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06/5/2012 | 06/5/12012 HE


Beautiful french street

I spent one month in France working in a IT shop in Pau as part of my school education. I don’t speak a word french so this was quite fun and challenging.

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05/1/2012 | 05/1/12012 HE

Colza Field

A bug on a yellow colza plant

Walking through the fields of a small town is always a good idea, you never know what you’ll find.

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