Hello unknown reader,

my name is Kevin Gimbel and you've reached my corner of the world wide web. 👴

I'm actually not that old tho, I'm in my late twenties and I somehow ended up in the world of (cloud) computing. I'm interested in Rust (a safe and fast programming language), Sci-Fi, dystopia books, fantasy worlds (Divinity, Elder Scrolls, Dungeons & Dragons), and video and boardgames.

I tent to start a lot of things and pursue a lot of different interests when I'm in a rush, but usually not much of it stays with me; Over the past year I briefly started manufacturing solid perfumes, for example. I usually always have something to do, be it a side-project or family life; Somethings's always up.

I love reading books but I never take enough time for it and so it happens that I read multiple books "at the same time" over a year or more. Self care may not be my strong suite, tho it is incredibly important.

You may catch me on Twitter @kevingimbel.