15-minute Dungeon

15-minute Dungeon is a (single-player) rouge-lite TTRPG game that sends you into the depth of the Crypt of Grysus, a legendary necromancer who’s fate has been unknown for centuries. Are you able to uncover the secrets of the Crypt?

Slay monsters, find secrets, upgrade your weapons, and start over and over again until you reach the heart of the crypt to confront Grysus. The game resets every 15 minutes, which means you’ll have to start again until you find the necromancers lair.

A GM is entirely optional but can add a lot of atmosphere to the game by describing rooms, settings, enemy encounters, and so on.

15-minute Dungeon was created for 1Page Game Jam 2023 and is available on a Pay What You Want basis – meaning you can grab it for free if you want to!