Week 10: Video Games and no table tennis

  • 🚫I had the week off, so no table tennis
  • 🗞️ I used the week to work on my websites, moving the first of three off WordPress. “Off WordPress” isn’t quite right – it still uses WP in the backend, but the front end is now build with 11ty
  • 🎮 I finished The Surge 2, an amazing souls-like Game by Frankfurt based studio Deck13!
  • 🗡️ I also started playing Dark Souls 2, finally!
  • 📺 Spent an evening folding clothes and watching Foundation on Apple TV, it’s a fantastic SciFi show and I can’t wait to watch more
  • 🤧 I got sick so I stayed home most week (as seen above), and tried to take it slow.


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