Week 14: New server who dis?

I’ve been moving servers around and it’s ✨ s t r e s s f u l ✨

  • ☁️ I turned off one of the bigger servers I had, moving my site (kevingimbel.de) off this server and onto a new one, live-migrating everything including Let’s Encrypt certificates and DNS which is a very shitty combination. Very stressful, but it worked out.
  • 🏋️ Speaking of work out, I did not. I’m finally no longer sick, but I just didn’t find the time this week – really sucks! Next week will be better.
  • 📦 In a all-hands-on we moved a cluster and related infra from one AWS account to the other, things went smooth and it was a nice experience working with all my colleagues in a big session together. Since my team is full remote, I really miss this sort of “get & work together”
  • 🎁 We got brand new Hoodies @ AOE, and they’re really comfy! 👇
Selfie in a mirror in a bathroom. Person standing  in front of mirror with a dark blue hoodie with small AOE print on the front left
Bathroom selfie: A classic.


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