Konica Big Mini




When I first started looking for point and shoot cameras, the Konica Big Mini (201) was always on top of the list, alongside the Yashica T4 and Olympus mju. All of these cameras usually sell in the range of 100-200 euro these days in okay condition, and up to 300 in good condition. It’s a __bit__ insane to pay so much for a point and shoot camera, which should be a “always with me on the go” type of camera.

I’ve been on the lookout for any of those for a decent price for a while, and just now struck gold silver with this Big Mini!

I say silver because the LCD on the back isn’t working. The cable connecting it to the rest of the camera electronics is broken, this means I cannot see how many photos I’ve taken and I can’t change the mode. It can be repaired, and the spare part is cheap (around 10 euro), but I’m unsure if I have the skills to solder the parts together, and I don’t want to destroy this camera in the process. For now I’ll accept that I can just point and shoot this camera, it’s in auto-mode and switches between flash on/off, macro, landscape, and default modes automatically so it’s not a big deal.

I payed 25 euro for this camera and I’m very happy so far! Here are some images I took on Agfa APX 400, developed in Caffenol at home.

And here you can see some more images of the camera.

The Konica Big Mini fits in my pocket just like a phone.
The back with the LCD that isn’t working.


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