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  • Revue 6×6 aka Seagull 4a

    Revue 6×6 aka Seagull 4a

    I didn’t really plan on buying a new camera, but then the Revue 6×6 in seemingly good condition for a decent price was listed on eBay near me. So I contacted the seller, we agreed to meet so I could take a look at the camera and I was very positively surprised! The condition is…

  • Using Konica AR lenses on my Canon EOS 1000D

    Using Konica AR lenses on my Canon EOS 1000D

    The other day I found a Konica to EOS Adapter on eBay. I’ve wanted one of these for a while but wasn’t able to find one – either new or used, so I jumped on this one and contacted the seller. After a bit of bartering we agreed on 25 euro + shipping costs and…

  • Meet the camera: Revue 400 SE

    Meet the camera: Revue 400 SE

    The other day I recieved my new old camera: A Revue 400 SE! It’s a rangefinder camera with full aperture automation, which means I can set a shutter speed and ISO and the camera will chose the aperture. The viewfinder shows a small square in which two images are shows that need to be aligned…

  • Konica Big Mini

    Konica Big Mini



    When I first started looking for point and shoot cameras, the Konica Big Mini (201) was always on top of the list, alongside the Yashica T4 and Olympus mju. All of these cameras usually sell in the range of 100-200 euro these days in okay condition, and up to 300 in good condition. It’s a…

  • Konica Autoreflex T4

    Konica Autoreflex T4



    The other day I bought this „for parts“ Konica Autoreflex T4 off eBay, mainly because I wanted the 50mm f1.4 lens it came with. I paid 28€ + 4€ shipping and the lens looks super good so far, I’ll get out testing it as soon as I can. After some looking around the internet I…

  • Konica C35 EF3

    Konica C35 EF3



    I found this Konica C35 EF3 on eBay for 25€ and from what I can tell from a first look and test it’s in great condition! Only the flash isn’t working but that’s fine for me. I’ve loaded the camera with a roll of Agfa APX 100 black and white film and when on a…