Shooting digital with restrictions

Years ago I became incredibly bored with digital photography, resulting in me putting down my cameras and only shooting photos on the go with my phone(s).

Analog photography rekindled my love for photography and I’ve been on a roll (pun intended) since starting, producing a lot of photos and sharing them on my instagram, pixelfed account, and on this website. Of course they’re not all bangers, there’s a lot of trash in there but that’s fine – it’s part of the experience.

The fact that you’re limiting yourself to a certain ISO and Film stock is exciting as well. When I load black and white film for example there’s a limit as to what can be photographed and what can’t be. This restriction makes me look differently at my surroundings.

After realising that I figured out that I can limit myself in a similar way using my Fujifilm X30, with its ability to create in-camera presents. I created a black and white preset that I really like and set my camera to 1:1 format to shoot square images. So despite having a digital camera with all sorts of options, I started my photo walk by choosing the preset and then just shot in black and white. This also means that I’ll compose the images completely different as I see the results in black and white AND square format in the electronic view finder of the X30 or on the back screen.

All photos are unedited, I only added the white borders.

Always selfies!


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