Week 1: Off call



  • My first all alone on-call duty is over with no incident!
  • I’ve had a good time working on kevin.gimbel.dev, enjoying working with 11ty, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Despite doing DevOps / SRE / Platform Engineering full time I still love doing web dev
  • I’m once again at a point where I wonder if I want to combine all my websites back into one. I’ve spent considerable time moving from one-site-for-all to four different once. For now I’ll not do it.
  • Hosting stuff is expensive. I pay 40 EUR each month for my two web servers and I’d like to cut costs, maybe by hosting some non-public stuff at home (Rabbit hole potential!)
  • I’ll need to up my Python game, as there’s a lot of Python Glue-code and tooling at work and even if I’m not the biggest fan of Python I am no longer a one person team so it’s time to adapt ๐Ÿ™‚

(Let’s see how long I can keep week notes up. Heavily inspited by Alice Bartlett and her weaknotes – not sure how personal I want to get.)