Week 2: Christmas Party

  • There was a major incident at work. Of course it was DNS. A truly exciting experience, but one I don’t need again. 🤖
  • I held a two-day Kubernetes Workshop with my colleague Simon which we could barely prepare for because of the incident. I’m glad we’ve held it a few times already so it was still good and feedback was very positive! ⎈
  • The company Christmas party happened at HALLE 45 in Mainz! Good food, table tennis (which is a BIG thing at AOE 🏓), dancing, more table tennis, and Glühwein made the evening a fun time! 🎉 There was a Kettcar race and a ugly Christmas sweater contest, and now I’m looking forward to the after movie!
  • I watched Alien: Resurrection, the only one I couldn’t watch when I watched all the other movies including prequels on a two-day-binge-watch weekend. The movie was good. 👾
  • A few weeks ago, the wife and I started watching Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor – finally! When she started being the Doctor there was no legal way of streaming in Germany, so we didn’t watch it. Luckily, now Amazon Prime offers a BBC subscription for 3,99€/months so we are finally able to watch it! 👩‍⚕️


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