Week 3: More sleep



  • After last weeks Christmas party I got a sick – no Corona luckily! Nevertheless I worked from home all week just to be on the safe side.
  • I should sleep more. Once again I chose to not call in sick in the beginning of the week and “buckled up” instead. (I want to be clear that this is my mistake, not my employers! I still have the mindset I need to be available all the time from years of being in very small teams (or the only person responsible))
  • Working from home sucks. I really do not like this anymore. I want to be in the office, I want to have a dedicated place I work and not work from my bedroom.
  • With Christmas around the corner I look forward to some quite time with the family. Growing older I thoroughly enjoy the time spent with loved once.
  • I finished reading “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” by Karen Joy Fowler and really enjoyed it!
  • I also read “A Spy in Europa“, a short-story by Alastair Reynolds and enjoyed this as well.
  • I look forward to reading some more short stories from the “Galactic North” collection by Alastair Reynolds over the holidays
  • I started planning a big ol’ website restructure for 2024 by doing a classic Mind Map. The idea is to replace my 3 WordPress websites with one WordPress Multisite which I then use to render 3 11ty websites; Effectively using WordPress only for the CMS part.
  • I also started working on a Rust tool named “rss2social” which I want to use to post my blog feeds automatically to Mastodon and LinkedIn. So far it doesn’t do much.


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