Week 4: Food-coma and a Raspberry Pi

  • Christmas was fun. Spending time with family and (a little too much) good food left me in a food coma on the sofa 🫃
  • I ordered a Raspberry Pi 5 to be used as a home server. It’s the first step in reducing my cloud server usage and also the monthly pricing that comes with it. I’ll write about it as I implement the things I’ve planned.
  • We visited family over the holidays and it was super nice to be out of the house and spent time with them. Hopefully there’ll be more of that next year!
  • I finished “Galactic North”, a short story collection by Alastair Reynolds and I’m once again in awe. Definitely my favourite author!
  • I’ve read a few more short stories, among them two by Edgar Allan Poe which sparked my interest in his writing. It’s all free and public domain so I’ll read more of him!
  • Also, happy new year to y’all hope you have a wonderful 2024!


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