Week 7: Sleep mask

  • 🤿 I spent the first night at home with my sleep mask and it was very shitty – I slept well and I guess I didn’t stop breathing at night which is cool but it’s also very uncomfortable – I hope I won’t need it for the rest of my life.
  • 🤔 It baffles me that it took this long – and my wife’s sharp mind – to realise something is wrong with my sleeping. I’ve been to (multiple) doctors related to snorting at night and always feeling tired and shitty. Now within two months I’m hooked to a oxygen mask at night so I won’t suffocate – the fuck??
  • 💍 Shoutout to my wife again <3
  • 🤖 Been working on some Terraform code at work and I’m enjoying it
  • 📚 I’ve read a lot, mainly Circe and An Anarchist FAQ.
    Circe is a beautifully written novel about the minor greek goddess of the same name; An Anarchist FAQ is a FAQ-style online wiki thingy about Anarchism which clears up a lot of common misunderstandings related to Anarchism.
  • ❤️‍🔥 It warms my heart to see the people in Germany take to the streets after recent news of mass deportation plans by the far-right, facist AfD party were published. A list of protests can be found on https://zusammen-gegen-rechts.org
  • ✍️ 1.4 million(!) people support a petition on WeAct to strip Höcke , the facist leader of AfD in Türingen, of his Grundrecht which prevents him from running again, a measurement backed by laws in Germany. I hope this momentum carries on and we’ll see a lot less of the facist AfD in the future.
  • 🤧 As I was partly sick and pretty occupied this past week I didn’t do any sport. Sucks! Gotta get back on track
  • 🎧 I’ve listend to – and reflected on – the “social media” episode of Hard Feelings by Jennette McCurdy. Social Media, especially instagram which I’ve used _a lot_ in the past 3 years to connect with photographers, gives me very little and costs me very much (time and energy, and mental health in a way), so I’ve decided to take it slower. There’s more important things in life which deserve my attention.


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