Week 12: Depression, winter, and grey skies




Depression is a topic people – especially man – still don’t want to talk about a lot.

It’s still stigmatised and therefor harder to admit than it needs to be – even before oneself, maybe especially before oneself. Depression pulls you down deep, makes you explore depth of the mind which are neither nice, nor easy to escape from – or cope with, and overall just sucks.

If you know me you know I’ve had depression for a long time, diagnosed only since 2020 when I did a therapy; suspected since at least 2007-2008. In teenage years it can easily be dismissed as being troublesome or lazy, hormones going wild in ones body, a lot happening in a short period of time, etc. Welp, if you feel depressed feel free to reach out in any way possible (in person, via LinkedIn or Mastodon).

Otherwise this week was a real downer. Full of stress, and I’m still being sick. Sucks. See you next week, hopefully with more joyful topics!


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