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  • RE: You’re a Blogger, Not an Essayist



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    Blogging is a conversation. It’s a conversation with yourself and it’s a conversation with others. Barry Hess via https://bjhess.com/posts/you-re-a-blogger-not-an-essayist Some real talk right there. Blogging is all about conversations, thoughts, and FUN. This very website is not a magazine and it’s not a professional publication; It sometimes may include content which is related to the…

  • Week 18: After vacation comes…




    …sickness. Once in forever I wasn’t sick during a vacation but basically directly after, so I spent my first working week at home with a lot of sleep (two nights in a row with 12h of sleep!) and Ibuprofen and now I’m feeling a lot better already, I hope I’ll fully recover by Monday so…

  • Week 17: Home, Home, and the Library

    I’m off work for the week so I could spent some time at home with my family. I’ve also used to time to relax a bit, keeping away from my computer and not working on anything really (besides writing an abstract for Container Days! πŸ‘€)

  • Week 16: Travels, old books, and gifts!

    Week 16: Travels, old books, and gifts!

    Below are a few photos from the two days in cologne. We went form some pizza at L’Osteria with the team which was nice, ate some Ramen at Takumi and I had some very good vegan Currywurst at Weltmeister.

  • Week 13: Kubernetes 101, Dark Souls, and Circe

    I guess that’s it. See you some other week πŸ™‚

  • Week 12: Depression, winter, and grey skies

    Depression is a topic people – especially man – still don’t want to talk about a lot. It’s still stigmatised and therefor harder to admit than it needs to be – even before oneself, maybe especially before oneself. Depression pulls you down deep, makes you explore depth of the mind which are neither nice, nor…